Pinot Blanc

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Pinot Blanc



Pinot Blanc is a varietal that needs to mature a bit longer on the vine than Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc. After we give it time we cool ferment in stainless steel tanks. This keeps the active fermentation from blowing delicate aromatics into the atmosphere. After the yeasts have done their job, we mix the wine to re-suspend any grapes solids that can be useful in aging and barrel a portion of the overall blend down into a mixture of new and used French Oak and Acacia barrels. This touch of barrel aging develops texture and
palate roundness. The French grown Acacia barrels lift aromatics and fruit specific to this varietal's tropical profile.

This is a fresh, tropical wine that pairs excellent with most anything from salty, hard cheeses to sushi and Thai cuisine. It is recommended that this wine be served slightly chilled to allow you to enjoy its harmonious aromatics.

COMPOSITION 91% Pinot Blanc 9% Chardonnay
ACID PH 3.33, TA 5.63 g/l
ML 0%
AGING 12 months, 60% stainless steel tanks and 40% new
French Acacia barrels

RELEASE Fall 2014